Experiences of European Nurses During COVID.  Thrilled to have this idea, the study, then jointly written work published and to recognise the amazing work of nurses across Europe.

   November 2021.

    Thrilled to have been made an Honorary Advisor with THET.  Looking forward to working more closely on the programes of work to                improve health and develop the health workforce internationally.


   November 2021.  Great to have presented two peices of work avilable to more than 6000 people at the ICN COnference 2021.

   One was our SIGMA work on Nurses experiences acorss Europe during COVID.

   One was the design of ther MSc in Nursing Leadership which is exciting and innovative and evolving.  


   October 2021

   Thrilled to have presented the work on nursing and international leadership at the THET Challenges Conference 


 June 2021. Thrilled to be part of the volunteer global catalyst team for quality with  WHO.  I will be leading the discussion - what is quality? 


 April. Thrilled to have presented our European research on nurses experiences of caring during COVID to North American academic audience. 

  Thrilled  to have led THET COVID conference theme on compassion and quality bringing evidence and experience together from across the world.


 Thrilled to receive Burnett Trust grant to develop arts and image based resource to support nurse wellbeing - reflection and recovery, with Paintings in Hospital. 

Thrilled to be evaluating how and why video group consultations work and what is needed to help them spread and sustain behaviour change. 

Thrilled to be working with SIGMA colleagues to explore the experiences COVID from nurses across Europe and build a legacy as well as learn from each other. 




Thrilled to present a key note speech at the THET conference Health For All, a Decade to Deliver today 02/20/2020 focusing on COVID, Climate Crisis and Technology. Now to take forward the work as COVID Technical Advisor for International Health Partnerships 



Google arts & culture

Marion Lynch, Former Deputy Medical Director at NHS England, South East, talks with Thomas Walshaw, Communications Manager at Paintings in Hospitals



Human Story Theatre


April 2020. Podcast. Human Story Theatre. Why Marion commissioned and contributed to DRY- a play exploring alcoholism & contributing to changes in drinking behaviour and service provision.





Press Release:


Around 85 clinicians have just completed the first cohort of an exciting and innovative clinical leadership programme: The 2030 Programme.


These clinicians came together from a wide geographical area – from Gloucester in the south-west to Slough in the east and right down to Southampton – to develop competencies and connect leaders (current and future) across this large geography to learn some new leadership skills, from national experts and each other.

Some of the benefits of the programme design included the provision of:
• An opportunity to develop facilitated networks
• A safe space to share concerns and anxieties, both personal and professional
• Support for leaders to help them navigate a complex working environment
• An opportunity to discuss and explore succession planning: what might the role of CCG chairs be going forward and what skills will we need to deliver these roles?
• Strong and independent professional facilitation for leaders
• Access to a personal coach and 360 feedback
• Access to a wide range of national and international leaders and influencers who can help with experience and examples of how they have tackled challenges
This approach enabled delegates to hear what was being developed and used elsewhere, learn from the best in the world and then discuss amongst themselves how these skills and attributes could help locally with the challenges they face.
The participants were deliberately chosen for their mix of experience. They ranged from experienced chairs of CCGs to newly qualified GPs, as well as people just starting out on their leadership career.
This mix was an ideal opportunity for all to learn and share experiences and skills and was well received by the participants.
The programme consisted of five full-day events and two half-day learning sets where delegates were able to come together to learn from various specialists in different aspects of the NHS world, share experiences, and develop and hone leadership skills. The days covered a wide range of topics including change management and improvement, examples of other organisations going through change, generative listening skills, a RightCare introduction and information, as well as talks from international leads on primary care and senior military personnel.
The participants are continuing to lead system changes and mentor colleagues to become leaders in the future.

Presenting research and experience in clinical education at All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on health and the arts.


Crossing Boundaries 3 Conference on Global Health Systems: Showcasing Opportunities for Collaboration


Tushinde and QER and Mathare community - ideas for discussion




Fiona foundation for kids

The Fiona Foundation for Kids has been set up to care as if she were there. Fiona looked after many children who were in care, sharing her home and love for the moment of time they needed it most. This was either from the day they were born until they were adopted or when their own family could no longer offer them the care that they needed.

As a teacher working with young people with special needs she provided the education and inspiration they needed to flourish and reach their true potential. She wanted such help to be available to children everywhere particularly where life was really hard, somewhere where a little help could help mums and children stay together and help themselves. We are here to help make that happen and do what we can to help children across the world.



Presenting research findings from FiKids at an Oxford conference


Find out more about FiKids here


Book review: Body of Work. Commissioned by the department of Medical Humanities, Durham University.                   

An Anthology of Poetry and Medicine edited by Corinna Wagner and Andy Brown (Bloomsbury, 2016)

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