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QER Ltd is led by Dr Marion Lynch a nurse and global health consultant specialising in public health, nursing, system strengthening, quality and clinical leadership. She is proud to be a nurse and has taken her nursing expertise into her many roles in health care.

During 38 years in health she has been a nurse in the UK and Australia and a Public Health Specialist. Since 2000 she has held senior leadership positions in the NHSE and HEE, and worked internationally, delivering hospital level leadership education in China, developing the national quality strategy with Ministry of Health in Zambia (six month role), and working with WHO and MoH in Jordan to create national approaches to NCD management. She continues to work with WHO as one of the three English members of their 50 member strong International Quality Services Catalyst Group and links with the WHO Learning Hubs on compassion. During COVID Marion worked with the education team at the London Nightingale, and has recently been part of her local COVID vaccination teams doing whatever is needed. Marion now balances academic, consultancy and volunteering roles.


Her international roles include Clinical Associate with Primary Care International, and COVID Technical Advisor and now Honorary Nursing Advisor with the global health charity Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET).

She is Visiting Professor at University of West London, an academic lecturer, and an experienced researcher, currently working as UK evaluation lead with Experience Led Care (ELC) evaluating video group consultations. 

Marion is a Trustee of Paintings in Hospitals and is leading on their Burdett funded project and working with Google Arts and Culture to design an educational resource linking art and nurse well being and a volunteer with NurseLine a new charity set up to directly support nurses well being. She is the Director of the Charity Fiona Foundation for Kids which she set up in memory of her sister to provide help for children who need it most.

If energy, expertise and experience will help you make nurse work visible and health work that seemed impossible now possible, please get in touch


QER Ltd was established in 2012.


She has experience in leading and delivering complex change and strategy development in a politically sensitive and complex environment. This ranges from leading a whole country approach to developing strategy and health quality in Zambia to providing policy support to regional leads in NHS, to whole systems and stakeholder work to redesign the workforce in Frimley Integrated Care system.


Such work required Dr Lynch to analyse complex issues and in changing contexts where evidence was limited, and time was short. She is able to process evidence from all sources and present recommendations or make autonomous decisions on investment and action, depending on the project. Her research interest is in the retention and recruitment of the nursing workforce and how image and identity influence this. Dr Lynch is working with colleagues across Europe to explore this issue.



So far since May 2021 I have been:

          Working with the University of Global Health Equity to develop MSc Nursing leadership for launch 2022.

          Working on Grant from Burdett Trust to develop Arts and image based resource for nurses wellbeing.

          Working with Experiences Based Care to evaluate implementation of video group clinics across health settings.

          What works, where and why?

          Clinical Lead at Vacination centre ECG Training

          Volunteer medic and mate with Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust throughout the summer.




 Up until may 2021 I was:

Developing the principles needed to move international volunterring from face to face to digital (publication pending BMJ Global Health)

Defining criteria for 'second victim' COVID grants to support health partnerships across global north and south. 

Working with WHO colleagues to develop thinking on quality and compassion across post COVID work. 

Working with nurse colleagues in African Universities to explore approaches to Nurse Leadership programmes. 

Working with European colleagues via SIGMA Nursing on research project to collate experiences of nurses during COVID and compare acrosss Europe (publication pending). 


2019 - 2020


  1. Improving Global Health Fellowship with the Ministry of Health in Zambia (Feb – August 2019)  

    Objective: To provide a process through which the quality of health care could be co-ordinated and improved across the country. I introduced the WHO Framework for Quality which
  • Identified top six no-cost/low-cost interventions across the life course and care continuum.
  • Build a bank of evidence for investment and action.
  • Identified stakeholder perceptions of quality (200 stakeholders) and a network of clinicians to sustain improvements and education
  • Outcomes were presented as 
  1. Government Cabinet Papers for decision (May 2019)
  2. National Conference on Quality (June 2019) https://www.nhra.org.zm/qi-conference-contacts
  3. WHO Pan Africa presentation for discussion (August 2019).
  4. Strategy Completed and published in June 2020. https://www.moh.gov.zm/?wpfb_dl=152
  5. Ongoing support for MoH Zambia and working on second conference Sept 2020.


  1. Primary Care International: Clinical Associate (November 2019 – onwards)

Worked with WHO and MoH Jordan to establish management of national non-communicable diseases strategy and operational plan for stratification of hypertension care and healthcare staff training for use of risk charts (WHO HEARTS Programme). 


  1.  April 2020 Co-wrote e-learning modules on COVID-19 in low resources countries, leading on medical health of healthcare staff. https://bit.ly/2Y9ONSz 



Relevant Skills

  • Analysing, selecting and presenting evidence to support prioritizing investment of finance and education to deliver health policies and interventions.
  • Building partnerships within Ministries, Professional Associations, NGOs, Civic Groups.
  • Producing Government Policy Briefs, director or organisation reports, academic articles.
  • Assessing research and reports.
  • Developing stakeholder engagement and co-production of health education programmes.
  • Developing implementation networks and ‘social movement’ approaches to health.
  • Developing educational support materials and delivering workshops (thematic deep dive for specifics or generic horizon scanning), designing and delivering quality improvement masterclasses and individual mentoring.
  • Analysing and presenting context and culture of health interventions or health institutions to make the invisible visible and then to improve the culture and the care provided.
  • Developing innovative approaches to health improvement using the arts and culture to raise awareness and change behaviour (work currently includes three programmes, alcoholism, dementia, domestic violence.


Recent Positions 

1 Deputy Medical Director – NHSE South Central. (2013- Feb 2020) (three days a week)

Health system workforce lead for NHSE South Central. Leading on the development of workforce strategy and engagement with national priorities and local needs in line with a long term plan and the new architecture of health services.

Strategic lead for doctors’ appraisal and revalidation and standards of care. Designed and led the introduction of governance systems, public engagement processes and managed teams.

Led on research with Oxford University Dept of Primary Care to establish the appropriate role of the public in professional regulation

Collaborative work with NHS England Quality Team, Academic Science Networks, Clinical Senates to link service improvement with patient needs.

  • Designed and delivered NHS@2030 leadership programme for senior health system leaders across South of England. (see podcast)
  • Delivered developing positive organisational culture and positive behaviours workshops.


2 NHS Leadership Academy - Organisation Development and Programme Director Patient Leadership (2008- Feb 2020) (one day a week)

Designing and delivering masters level clinical fellowship programmes for quality improvement (more than 200 projects)

Leading on Patient Leadership programmes including harnessing the role of the arts in health and health system leadership.

Designed and delivered masterclasses on organisational development, system innovation and strategic planning for health system leaders across South of England.

Associated Positions

• Visiting Professor, University of West London – Dementia (Jan. 2018 onwards).

• Teaching content includes – 

 i) frameworks informing health, health systems and health academia, 

 ii) policies and systems in dementia care across the world, 

 iii) individuals’ perspectives – philosophical approaches to person-centred care. 

• Reviewer; Nursing Open, (2019 onwards).

• Reviewer; Permanente Journal, (2011 onwards).

• Reviewer; Nursing Education Journal, (2014 onwards)

• Reviewers Arts & Health, (2012-onwards).

• Associate Lecturer, Warwick Business School (2018 onwards)

• Visiting Lecturer Global Health and personal project support. Buckingham Med. School (2018-)

• CQC Specialist Adviser (2017 onwards)

• Company Director of Quality Education and Research Ltd (establish 2012).

External Voluntary Roles

• Sigma Nursing, European Communications Committee, UK Representative. • Sigma Nursing, Phi Mu, Communications Committee, UK.

• Charity Founder and Director of Fiona Foundation for Kids. Charity providing education for communities and care for children across the world. (Charity Number 1176655)

• Adviser and health expert to Human Story Theatre Company, Oxford (2016 onwards).

• Health Adviser to Tushinde Children's Trust, Nairobi Kenya (2016 onwards).

• Charity Trustee for Paintings in Hospital (UK Charity 2018 onwards)

• Dementia Drama Alzheimer’s Café Adviser Isle of Wight (2010- onwards).

• Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Volunteer, trip medic and boat mate. – Providing sailing adventures for children recovering from or living with cancer (2017- onwards)

• Nursing Now Ambassador, UK NHS

• Member of Women’s Equality Party Milton Keynes







3. Former Positions

• Researcher and project lead. Collaborating for Health (June – December 2019). Six-month contract to address non-communicable diseases and support nurse health. resulted in the release of a film to support conversations on nurses’ health.

• Associate GP Dean / Academic Lead Health Education England Thames Valley, academic lead – guiding research (2004-2016).

• Director of GP Leadership Fellows Programme (2004 - 2016).

• Fellowship Prog. Director Thames Valley Wessex Leadership Academy 2008-16 designing and delivering Masters level multi-professional programmes for

i)  Clinicians and Social Care leads working in the Community

ii. Clinicians leading Simulation Education and Curriculum Mapping

iii. Clinicians leading on Quality Improvement and Leadership in health




• Zambia Minister of Health Award (2019) Personal presentation and public acknowledgement for having the  ‘head of a lion and saving many lives’

• International Health Improvement (IHI) Kaiser Permanente International Award (2010) for QI Education.

Healthy Prisons Award (DoH) 1994 Education work with Young Offenders.


Current Academic Work

  • European Nurses experiences of COVID-19 Care. Comparing and contrasting and looking at ‘capital’ nurses hold.
  • Identity formation of nurses.  How image and identity in nursing informs recruitment, role and relationships with patients and professionals
  • Writing and Delivering Teaching Programme for Kenya Charity. Addiction and domestic violence in slums in LMIC, how to help families cope
  • Book publication pending. Developing Quality Healthcare Systems in Low and Middle-Income Countries. ISBN 978-1-9162452-0-4
  • Screenplay in development. Dementia and the Law, who is the victim?

Academic Qualifications


Postgraduate Certificate (Pg.Cert.) in Leadership and Management (2013).

Accredited Healthcare Manager Level 7 IHM (2013).

Professional Doctorate in Health Sciences, Staffordshire University (2003-2010).
Thesis: Challenging the Epistemological Underpinning of Medical Education.

Pg. Cert in Strategic Commissioning. (2008) Thames Valley University.

M.Sc. Primary Care Development (2004), Nene University Northampton. Why do GPs Study for Higher Degrees?

Pg. Cert in Medical Education (2002), Staffordshire University.

M.Sc. Health Promotion and Health Education (Public Health). University of Wales College of Medicine (1992-1993). Full-time programme.

ENB clinical accredited courses: HIV/AIDs, Family Planning /Sexual Health (1993-96).

Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RMN) (1985-1988), Surrey.

Registered General Nurses (RGN) (1982-1985), Oxford.


Previous Academic / National / Professional Roles and Learning


• (Learning) Nye Bevan Executive Leaders Programme. NHS Leadership Academy (2014 –2015)

• (Learning) Harvard Disruptive Innovation Programme (2012)

• (Advising) GMC Quality Assurance Visits: Regional Assessor 2014 – 2016.

• (Advising) External Examiner, M.Med. Ed. De Montfort University 2012-14

• (Advising) 2003-2009: CHAI Reviewer, Department of Health (DH). • (Advising) 2002-2006: HEI External Examiner, SSM Medicine: Literature and Medicine; Leicester.

• (Coaching) Professional Coach SC SHA and Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy 2005 – present. 

(Approximately 50 articles, book chapters and conference presentations available on request.)




Sporting life achievements:


• Sailing.  Trans-Atlantic Race. August 2011: Transatlantic Sailing Race: Southampton to Brazil as part of Round the World Race. World circumnavigation crew awarded Seamanship Safety Award. A medical support, and crew diary writer.

• Qualification: Yachtmaster, 5000 miles.

• Fastnet. August 2013 Fastnet Endurance Sailing Race (finished and survived to tell the tale).

• Cowes Week. Competitive sailing. Round the Island Boat Race and Cowes Week 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.


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