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Sustainable Development Goals and Global Health Work 2023

2023 Highlights 

WHO. 2023 Climate crisis, health and how the arts can help.

Thrilled to be invited to  part of the round table discussions  in New York 2023 exploring how the arts can be part of the work to address the impaxt on health of the climate crisis. Follow up will now include stakeholder work to create recommendations and tools. Stay connected as I develop the learn more. . 

Gates Foundation Goalkeepers, United Nations SDG Summit,    New York Sept 2023

Honoured to be invited back as a  Gates Foundation Goalkeeper to the event running alongside the United Nations General Assembly.  Saw photo of myself from work in Zambia appear on the main screen behind the Jazz band. Mixing with 200 other global disrupters and developing cunning plans to deliver the SDGs. Stay tuned for my plans. .

International Council of Nurses. Montreal. 2023 

A woemsn health poster,. and a nurse well being presentation meant a visit to Canada was possible. Thrilled to mix with 6000 nurses fro macross the world all wanting to improve the quality og heralth care and the work of nurses. Presenting on both my Menopause Circles research and the  I'm Fine Project resource made for a great balance.  More to come when I'm Fine goes to the US in November.

We are your education and research partner, guiding teams to reach their potential and deliver better healthcare outcomes

We all aspire to achieve better health outcomes but the models of primary care are changing around the world.


Is your organisation up to speed?


Healthcare leaders face a variety of challenges today to meet the changing needs of their communities and the role of technology in health services. Professionals need a strategic vision of how to plan and deliver healthcare to meet the demands of future local challenges. Competencies in leaders must be developed to meet the needs of patients and take health services into the future, and leaders should be involved in the process. Working in an uncertain environment, developing skills to work in these circumstances is key for leaders to develop skills to influence positive outcomes.


Organisations need support to run efficiently, to develop and implement policies. To research, monitor and evaluate with a clear focus on patient outcomes. To create and evaluate health-related programmes across organisations, communities and countries. To maintain training for medical staff and improve knowledge.


Using proven methodologies, a customised approach and adopting the best practise Quality Education & Research empower individuals and communities across the world to develop the skills and evidence needed to achieve their potential. 

We improve health, knowledge, skills and care through the delivery of education and research programmes to the health sector

How we can help you


  • Improve the quality & safety of your services by providing person-centred care
  • Evaluate your current programmes, assess short term impact & recommend improvements
  • Design and deliver evidence-based and academically sound programmes with immediate practical results.
    • Undertake assessments to identify gaps in quality care at national, organisational or community facility level and develop priorities for interventions.
  • Leadership development and tools for quality improvement
  • Facilitate learning sets or one to one coaching to maximise the benefit of time and investment.
  • Undertake evidence reviews to establish best practice and possible projects needed to deliver an organisation's objectives.
  • Clinical professional education
    • ​Masterclasses
    • Programmes of action learning
    • Community-wide interventions
  • Public Health development programmes
    • ​Bespoke & evidence-based
    • Immediate practical results
    • Provide bespoke education programmes to address health inequalities, global health, and key clinical priorities.
    • Developing public health interventions that promote health wellbeing
  • Co-design and perform countrywide, organisation-wide or team-wide health system strengthening programmes based on WHO or local frameworks
  • Engage with ministries, commissioners, communities and service users around Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives including large scale stakeholder analysis and small scale focus group or semi-structured interview work.

  Dr Lynch has the ‘head of a lion and is saving many lives’ Zambia Minister of Health Award (2019) 


Our previous research programmes & projects:


  • Evaluation of NHS South England Quality Improvement and Leadership Programme 2011-2012


  • Design and delivery of a programme to improve patient care in Emergency Departments (ED)across six trusts on the South Coast of England.  


  • Design and delivery of Francis Fellows Programme, a six-month educational programme to support healthcare professionals to design and deliver changes that will support Francis recommendations in Secondary and Primary Care. 


  • Workshops for Local Professional Committees to explore vision, values, leadership skills and develop a strategy for future ways of working


  • Developing approaches, models, projects and processes that will enable health professionals working across Wessex and Thames Valley to innovate and evaluate improvements in patient care and health systems


  • Build on the 2023 challenge by working with junior doctors and other junior healthcare professionals to develop 2024 Challenge


  • Developing an evidence base for the inclusion of improvement science approaches in clinical curriculum and continuing professional development


  • One-day workshops for Local Professional Committees


  • Joint working with NHSIQ to support people working in Clinical Commissioning Groups   


  • Joint working with RES Consortium to deliver Masters level education programmes for NHS Leaders


"Marion is an inspirational and passionate professional who is held in high regard nationally and internationally. She has a track record of innovative, community-focused interventions based on sound evidence. Her international work has been exceptional. Marion has extensive experience of running highly complex programmes of work related to health and care. She combines her academic knowledge with excellent communication skills to make her work impactful and successful. She is highly regarded in health education circles as someone who is up to date with current thinking and also able to horizon scan and provide thought leadership and innovative research."

"It has been my privilege to know Marion professionally for over 20 years. I have experienced her working in a number of different roles in primary care education and service development. She brings to her work some strong theoretical perspectives as well as compassionate insights into how colleagues can be nurtured and helped to improve their performance. She is very well placed to help individuals and organisations undertaking change management."

QE&R is the work of Dr Marion Lynch supported by associates, with research doctorates, qualified clinical educators and masters level leadership experts. 

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